Fort Hunt - Skidmore Daytime Lodge No. 353
AF&AM - Springfield, VA
Chartered: Feb 15, 1983

7001 Backlick Road - Springfield Masonic Temple - 11:00 AM

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month; all Master Masons are invited.
Breakfast is served at 9:30 am, Lodge is at 11:00 am & lunch is served at 12:30 pm

William A. Shortt, PDDGM, Secretary
Ft. Hunt Skidmore Daytime Lodge No. 353, A.F.&A.M.

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The goldenrod is yellow; the corn is turning brown;
The trees in apple orchards, with fruit are bending down.
The gentian’s bluest tinges are curling in the sun;
In dusty pods the milkweed, its hidden silk has spun.
From dewy lanes at morning the grapes’ sweet odors rise;
At noon the roads all flutter with yellow butterflies.
By all these lovely tokens September days are here;
With summer’s best of weather, and autumn’s best of  cheer.
          ------ Helen Hunt Jackson (from “September”)

“Early Lodges were designated with the wording: “Lodge of the Holy St. John at Jerusalem” as part of their titles.  That practice has been discontinued, but we still have our “Lodge of the Holy St. (Sts.) John at Jerusalem,” from which we are supposed to come.  That Lodge is now, as it ever had been, a dream Lodge, an ideal which we may hope to attain.  Possibly it is at Jerusalem.  More  likely it is in our hearts.

Wor. Brother Elbert Bede (Oregon)


Oh, yes, we are all Craftsmen and very proud to be;
We wear our pins and rings for everyone to see.
But let us pose the question, even though the thought may sting
Would you know me for a Mason, if you did not see the ring?
True me show Tenets of our ancient hallowed Creed.
Not just on coat and finger, but by words and deeds.
There’s one thing to remember, if I’ve learned my lessons well
My deeds do more convincing than my finger or lapel.

Anse Cates

Officers for Masonic Year 2014

Worshipful Master   
William A. White        

Senior Warden   
Michael E. Williams        

Junior Warden   
John W. Pearson, PM        

Michael R. Aulicino, PDDGM                     

William A. Shortt, PDDGM           

Senior Deacon            
Ralph L. Shepard, PM                          

Junior Deacon           
R. Edgar “Ed” Davis                                     

E. Bruce Holley, PDDGM                    

Herbert C. Hollander, PM                   

Senior Steward           
Bennie E. Bough, PM                                    

Junior Steward           
George R. Bierman, PM

Richard D. Wright, PM




Lodge Blood Coordinator: Jerry A. Waller, PM 703-451-3144
Lodge Instructor of Work: E. Bruce Holley, PDDGM 703-670-5413
Lodge Education Officer: Herbert C. Hollander,PM 703-759-3454
Masonic Birthdays: Ralph T. Woodrow, PDDGM 703-451-6115
Masonic Home Ambassador: William A. Shortt, PDDGM 301-262-5271
Sick and Distressed: Ralph T. Woodrow, PDDGM 703-451-6115



Ralph T. Woodrow, PDDGM –
Jay Hy Smolins, PM –
Curtis F. Kirby, PM


Life Members In Perpetuity

Henry G. Behrens
Larry E. Buckner Sr.
Larry E. Buckner Jr.
Robert E. Cutting Sr.
John D. Denton Jr.
John W. Hayes
John D. Jenkins
Curtis F. Kirby
Donald L. Kirby Jr.
Dennis P. Lane
Jay H. Smolins
Thomas H. Stephens
William F. Wilson


50 Year Veterans

George R. Bierman
Bennie E. Bough
Robert F. Drechsler
Gordon E. Grant
Herbert C. Hollander
E. Bruce Holley
Henry C. Huhn, Jr.
John D. Jenkins
Curtis F. Kirby
William U. MacBrayne
Charles P. Newell
Franklin J. Pepper
Victor R. Perez
John P. Quade
G. Robert Ragen
George E. Shephard
William A. Shortt
James W. Smith
Kenneth M. Sotor
Donald R. Williams
Ralph T. Woodrow


Past Masters

Edward Gondella (Charter Master) 1981 - 1983*
Norris C. Dockins 1984
John W. Tillery 1985*
Morris Hirshman 1986*
Clifford S. Thurmond* 1987
Gilbert S. White* 1988
William A. Beverly 1989
James E. Schultz 1990*
Nathan Edward Acree 1992*
Manville C. Payne 1993*
Woodrow W. McCreary 1994
Curtis F. Kirby 1995
Donald L. Kirby Sr. 1996
Albert E. Brawn 1997*
Thomas A. Reese 1998
Harry H. Thompson 1999*
Leon S. Troyer 2000
George E. Toomey 1991 - 2001
Buford T. Walters 2002*
Edgar Bruce Holley 2003
Donald Ray Williams 2004
Harry Hubert Thompson 2005*
Ralph T. Woodrow DDGM 2006
John W. Pearson 2007
Jerry A. Waller 2008
Franklin Jay Pepper 2009
George R. Bierman 2010
Mark Anthony Harford 2011
Joeseph Leonard Bongiovi 2012
Bennie E. Bough 2013

Deceased *


Affiliated Past Masters

George W. Allison III PDDGM No. 349
Roland Bailey No. 310
John D. Denton Jr. PDDGM No. 's 219 & 237
Kenneth M. Elliott No. 275
James W. Gladden N No. 349
Edgar Bruce Holley PDDGM No. 319
John D. Jenkins PDDGM 2004 No. 319
John D. Kilian No. 219
Donald L. Kirby Jr. No. 349
Robert P. Melia No. 349
Clinton C. Morningstar No. 219
Noe R. Poblete No. 217
Stephen C. Prall No. 349
Thomas A. Reese PDDGM No. 310
Jay Hy Smolins No. 219
George E. Toomey No. 219
Leon S. Troyer PDDGM No. 310
William A. White No. 275
Ralph T. Woodrow Germany No. 819
John Wesley Pearson No. 217


District 1 B Lodge Meetings

Elmer Timberman No. 54: 3rd Monday
Springfield No. 217: 1st Tuesday
Occoquan No. 310: 2nd Monday
Mount Vernon No. 219: 1st Wednesday
Dale City No. 319: 3rd Friday
John A LeJeune No. 350: 3rd Monday
Fort Hunt-Skidmore Daytime No. 353: 2nd Wednesday

All communications start at 7:30 P.M. with the exception of Ft. Hunt-Skidmore Daytime which meets at 11 AM at the Springfield Masonic Temple